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  • Level 02

Course Contents

  • Transmitters, Indicators and Recorders
  • Controllers
  • Final Control Element
  • Selective Control System

Course Description

This course studies essential components of a control system used in Oil and Gas plant. Process variable monitoring and control is a very critical activity and proper understanding of process control will help in ensuring  better safe operation of process plants.
This module will present a brief survey of the major components of control loops, with some typical examples of each
Monitoring and control over the plant for safe and efficient operation. A proper understanding and execution of each of the above is a key in assuring a safe plant operation that operates at optimum level with  fullsafety compliance and efficiency ; experiencing  minimum problems.

Course Objective

In this course you will learn:

  • Discuss the basic principles of pneumatic and electronic transmitter operation.
  • Compare the basic principle of operation of electronic transmitter sensors.
  • Calculate the output of a transmitter when given the input.
  • State the purpose of current to pneumatic (I to P) transducers.
  • Describe the basic types of process recorders.
  • Define controller terminology and list the four main control modes.
  • Understand the concept of Proportional, Integral and Derivative controllers.
  • Understand the concept of selective control system tools.
  • Discuss the different types control valves using as final control element.
  • Study Principle. Construction, operation and maintenance of control valves.

Course Audience

Gas Plant field Operators, Oil station Operators, Control Room Operators, Production / process Supervisors, Gas Process Engineers, Instrument Technician, Supervisor and Process Control Engineers.


Certification for the course is provided on successful completion of the course. The course is certified by National Center for Labour and Learning, Government of India (NACELL).

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